Standard Allocation (New Feature)

Standard Allocation (New Feature)

Tokens/Projects often come with multiple allocations, each lacking a consistent naming convention. To tackle this challenge, TokenUnlocks has introduced the concept of a 'Standard Allocation.' This simplifies the process by grouping together allocations with similar purposes or beneficiaries, making it straightforward to grasp and enabling easy comparisons across different projects.

For example, AVAX has 12 allocations. Most of them are private and public investors.

This feature will group it into 5 allocations,tokens making it a lot easier to understand the beneficiaries and purposes of each allocation

Definition of Standard allocation

Founder & Team

Allocation focuses on internal, private contributor, team, employee, founders, and builders. NOT include external contributor, Advisor

e.g. Founder / Team / Advisor / Core contributor / Future Employees

Private Investor

Allocation focuses on investment Entity(VC, Angels) selective groups for early investment. NOT including public investment, cost is likely cheaper than public

e.g. Strategic Round / Series A / Series B / Angel Investor

Public Investor

Allocation focuses on Public investors, can be anyone to participate, it may included selective criteria.

e.g. whitelist / IDO/ ICO / ILO / IEO lotto / launchpads etc.

Community & Others

Allocation focuses on the future of receiver not clearly define. This group is likely to be controlled by team and founder.

e.g. Foundation / Treasury / Ecosystem / Marketing / non-profit foundation / ecosystem grants / future marketing


Allocation focuses on incentive to grow the project. Public can participate to get the portion.

e.g. Airdrop / Liquidity Mining / Bounty Program / Contest / initial LP / Grants

With Standard Allocation, we can also compare across tokens and understand the beneficiaries of each token as well. This Standard allocation page shows the allocation ratio is each token. When you hovering on it you will see the breakdown details of each allocation.

From the picture above, we can clearly see that these tokens have different token allocations. But most of them have a concentration on community and others.

We hope this feature helps our users do deeper tokenomics research. If you want to try TokenUnlocks Pro, please see more details here:

We’re happy to hear any feedback to improve the features as well!