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Introducing TokenUnlocks Pro
TokenUnlocks is releasing Pro features for Pro users. The newest feature announcement and how it levels you up in the world of tokenomics.
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Unlocks Activity in July 2024

Explore the peak of unlock value in 2024 with our July unlocks analysis, featuring an impressive total of $3.53 billion. Delve into the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market and enrich your insights.
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Understanding Pendle Finance: Yield Management and Optimization

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Unlocks Activity in June 2024

Explore the peak of unlock value in 2024 with our June unlocks analysis, featuring an impressive total of $3.01 billion. Delve into the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market and enrich your insights.
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Pointonomics: The Emerging Trend of Point Systems in Blockchain

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Unlocks Activity in May 2024

Explore the peak of unlock value in 2024 with our May unlocks analysis, featuring an impressive total of $4.87 billion. Delve into the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market and enrich your insights.
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Crypto and AI: What Does This Exciting Convergence Mean for the World?

Exploring the convergence of cryptocurrencies & AI: benefits, projects, use cases. Unlocking potential of Crypto-AI.
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Unlocking DeFi Potential: EigenLayer's $6B TVL and Ethereum Restaking Revolution

EigenLayer: leading DeFi revolution with $6B+ TVL & restaking on Ethereum, boosting security & scalability, redefining DeFi standards.
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So Bitcoin ETF... let's talk about it

US-approved Spot Bitcoin ETFs open doors for global investment, offering regulated exposure to price swings, albeit with higher fees.
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Aptos vs. the Blockchain Titans

Aptos challenges its competitors like Solana, Sui, and Sei in Layer-1 blockchain space with safety, scalability, and strategic partnerships.
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Unlocks Activity in April 2024

Explore the peak of unlock value in 2024 with our April unlocks analysis, featuring an impressive total of $3.63 billion. Delve into the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market and enrich your insights.
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Why is Filecoin ($FIL) Still Popular?

Discover why Filecoin ($FIL) remains a top contender in the market. Learn about its price movements, partnerships, and future growth prospects!
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Analysis on $APE Price After Cliff Unlocks

An average significant price surge of 16% was observed 15 days before each cliff unlock for $APE. What conclusion can we draw from this?
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Final Call for "THE" $ARB Unlock

Exploring the Impact of Unlocking 76% of Arbitrum's Circ. Supply for Founders, Team, and Private Investors. What impact could this have?
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Price Impact of Unlock by Project Types

Explore how different project types experience price impacts prior and post unlock events, and the patterns during both bull and bear markets.
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SocialFi: Unpacking This Growing Space

The Intersection of Social Media and DeFi, Transforming Online Interaction with Enhanced Privacy, Profit, and Equity in the Secure World of Web3.

Post-Unlock Analysis : Claimed

Discover the difference between "Unlocks" and "Claims". Explore the benefits of claimed feature.
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My Trick for Smarter Investment Decisions with Token Unlocks

Learn how I strategize investments with TokenUnlocks by tracking/analyzing unlocks, allocations, price effects, and considering initial floats and market trends.
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Unlocks Activity in March 2024

Explore the peak of unlock value in 2024 with our March unlocks analysis, featuring an impressive total of $5,203 million. Delve into the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market and enrich your insights.
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Your Top 10: Looking at TokenUnlocks Most Viewed Coins

Interested in finding out top watched tokens on the Token Unlocks platform? Explore now and gain a detailed analysis for each token.
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Exclusive Insights on Manta Network: A New Era in Crypto with $60.5M ICO Success

Explore the Manta Network that provides fast transaction like L1 and low gas fee like L2. Project raises 60.5M from ICO and planning to unlock 2.66% of its total supply in March 2024.
Exclusive 🌟

Xai (XAI) - The Cutting Edge of Web 3 Gaming

Discover Xai - Revolutionizing Web3 gaming! With a strong roadmap, community, and partnerships, is it worth adding to your watchlist?
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Unique $SAND Unlock: 9.19% of the Circulating Supply!

$SAND unlocks 9.19% of the circulating supply. Learn more about its price impact from past and future unlock events.

Lastest Update on ImmutableX zkEVM & $MIM Depeg Incident

Immutable X & Polygon team up for faster, cheaper, secure web3 gaming with zkEVM (early access). MIM depeg incident highlights risks & resilience in DeFi.

Understanding EIP-4844

Maximizing Layer 2 rollups on Ethereum with Proto-Danksharding (EIP-4844) to lower the cost of gas fees.
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Little Known Fact, Impact of Token Initial Supply on Prices

Analyzes Initial Float impact on token prices. Notable surge at 7 days post-launch. Important for project future health.

Be a Master of Unlocks

Learn the art of crypto investment diversification and how TokenUnlocks Pro can enhance your portfolio management.

The 6 challenges in tokenomics

Learn how these challenges shape the landscape of DeFi and discover strategies for a more transparent and equitable crypto ecosystem.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Learn historical insights, prepare for future events, and explore strategies for informed investing decisions in decentralized ecosystems.

Get Ready for the Token Unlocks Annual Report 2023

Annual Report offers deep insights into crypto market growth, tokenomics, unlocking events' impact, and more. Coming soon!

Account Abstraction in 2 Minutes

On-boarding billions of normal users into Crypto space via Account Abstraction (EIP-4337). Understanding the difference between EOA and AA.
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The Sei Network: A Layer 1 For Next-Gen Crypto Trading

Sei blends general-purpose blockchain with trading features, overcoming limitations for mass adoption. Upcoming V2 adds EVM compatibility.
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Unlocks Activity in February 2024

Explore the February unlocks analysis, featuring a total of $2,288 Million, and gain insights into the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market.

Ethereum ETF Delayed & Why We Should Keep an eye on RWA

Fidelity's ETH Spot ETF faces delay until March. Will it follow Bitcoin's lead? Tokenization bridges RWAs to crypto, unlocking new opportunities.
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Top MemesCoins To Watch in 2024

Explores the world of memecoins, spotlighting DOGE, PEPE, and BONK. Dive into unlock schedule, the rise, challenges, and unique stories.

Fantom Prioritizes Security & Tether's Questionable Backing

Fantom the adjustment on the minimum staking requirement for validators. Tether has enough backing, according to Cantor Fitzgerald's CEO.

Standard Allocation (New Feature)

'Standard Allocation', simplifying the process by grouping together allocations with similar purposes or beneficiaries, enabling an easy comparisons across different projects.

Binance TH: A New Era of Regulated Crypto Exchange

Gulf Binance launches Binance TH in Thailand, the most crypto-active ASEAN country, providing a regulated platform to compete with other CEX.

Is the Berachain Solving Liquidity and Security Problem?

Berachain: Revolutionizing DeFi with innovative Proof-of-Liquidity (PoL) mechanism, Polaris Ethereum, and organic community growth.
Exclusive 🌟

Injective ($INJ) - "The Blockchain Built for Finance”

Cosmos-based blockchain, $56m raised, Helix DEX success. INJ at $40, offers DeFi innovation, partnerships, growing community. Bullish outlook?

New proposal for $ATOM to set the minimum inflation rate to 0%

Cosmos in Inflation Conundrum: Bold 0% proposal challenges tokenomics, sparking community debate. Vote ends Jan 23rd!

Bitcoin's 2024: ETFs, Halving, and the Road to Mass Adoption

SEC approves Bitcoin ETFs, aligning with April 2024 halving. Anticipated market impact and rising adoption may boost Bitcoin to new highs.

Token Emission - Its Impact on Long Term Inflation

Explore the pivotal role of token emission in crypto investments with insights on historical and projected data by using TokenUnlocks Pro tools.

Vesting, Trust, and Community Power

Understanding tokenomics: Explore the roles of vesting, trust, and community in shaping the future of tokenomics.
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Unlocks Activity in January 2024

Explore the January unlocks analysis, featuring a total of $2,133 Million, and gain insights into the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market.

Exploring Starknet's Technological Edge and the Dynamics of STRK Tokenomics

Starknet's game-changing zk-rollup tech, STRK token, and revolutionary Cairo language drive attention. What are its challenges and 2024 plan?
Exclusive 🌟

Analyzing $AVAX Price: What Occurred After its Cliff Unlocks?

Dive into $AVAX dynamics, uncovering its price movements against unlocking amount. Discover AVAX's blockchain health, TVL trends and more.

Standard Allocation: Trends and Industry in 2023 of TokenUnlocks

TokenUnlocks' standard allocation The paradigm shift in allocation standards Analyze market allocation, duration, and market cap analysis.
Exclusive 🌟

BLUR’s Explosive Rise: Is Blur.io Sustainable?

Explore Blur.io's NFT dominance: Zero fees, 0.5% royalties. $BLUR token shapes governance. Can it disrupt the giants?
Exclusive 🌟

Unlocks Activity in December 2023

With a total of 1,811 million dollars, delve into the December unlocks analysis and gain vital insights into cryptocurrency market dynamics.

Secrets Behind Chainlink's Blockchain Dominance - What You Need to Know!

Unlock the mysteries of Chainlink's blockchain dominance with insights into controversial triumphs, hidden challenges, and unparalleled success.
Exclusive 🌟

What Investors Need to Know! From 9GAG to $MEME Coin.

Explore $MEME's journey—9GAG's meme coin. 7.5B tokens circulating, $260M cap. Recent surge to $0.04, caution on 350% supply increase.

Unlock Data Analysis Mastery - Tips and Tricks on TokenUnlocks PRO That You May Not Know

Unlock Pro-Level Crypto Insights! Advanced charting, claimed chart for smart hedging, and extended emissions guidance! Your key to success!

Protect Your Investments: Unmasking Cryptocurrency Scams

Beware Crypto Scams! Unmasking risks in tempting opportunities. Learn signs, safeguard keys. Stay vigilant for a scam-free journey!
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Celestia ($TIA): The Next Big Thing - Pioneering Modular Blockchain

Celestia redefines blockchain with modular innovation, allowing easy deployment of scalable blockchains. Find out what is modular blockchain.

The Dark Side of Crypto: Money Laundering and the Blockchain

Explore crypto money laundering challenges, notable cases, insights, tools, and future strategies for enhanced cryptocurrency security.

TBD Locked : Event-based unlocks

TBD allocation refers to the token that have not yet been assigned a release timing, usually set aside and released when certain conditions are met, such as Governance votings or team decisions.
Exclusive 🌟

Sui - The Redemption of Diem?

Sui Network's growth, token circulation, and regulatory scrutiny - stay informed about its future.

MultiversX (EGLD): Redefining Blockchain

MultiversX (formerly Elrond) is revolutionizing blockchain with high-speed transactions, security, and user-friendliness.

Worldcoin: A way to a Globally Inclusive Digital Future

Worldcoin: Bridging Identity and Finance for a Digital Future. Discover 'Proof of Personhood,' privacy, and global inclusion.
Exclusive 🌟

Unlocks Activity in November 2023

With a total of 1,134 million dollars, delve into the November unlocks analysis and gain vital insights into cryptocurrency market dynamics.
Exclusive 🌟

The Day Has Come: 99M $DOT on the Verge of Unlocking!

Five Parachain leases ending, unlocking 99M $DOT, as Polkadot's ecosystem evolves, but layoffs at Parity raise concerns.
Exclusive 🌟

Understanding Cliff Unlock Events and Their Market Effects

Unlock events shape crypto markets: Tokens unlock gradually, and it's not all about sell-offs. Learn how allocations affect prices and more.
Exclusive 🌟

Ethereum's Reward System Unveiled: Understanding Issuance in Staking

Discover Ethereum's PoS Secrets: Unveiling Issuance, Staking, and More. Explore the Supply Shift from PoW to PoS.

Polygon 2.0 ($POL): Past, Present, and Future

Discover Polygon 2.0's architecture, POL tokenomics, and features for enhancing blockchain scalability, security, and interoperability.

Mystery of Unlocks and Impact

Understanding tokenomics: Explore the details of unlock mechanisms, their impacts, and the types behind them.

Meet UnlocksAI - Your On-Demand Assistant at TokenUnlocks

We proudly introduce UnlocksAI, the game-changing generative AI tool that will take your tokenomics research to a whole new level.

A Tokenomics Beginner’s guide

Understanding tokenomics: The backbone of the decentralized world Learn the fundamentals of tokenomics, demand-supply, utility, and unlocks
Exclusive 🌟

Unlocks Activity in October 2023

Dive into our October Unlocks report! Understand key events and upcoming token unlocks and emission
Exclusive 🌟

dYdX: Trading Strategies, Perpetual Contracts, and Tokenomics Insights

Unlock the full potential of dYdX with this in-depth guide. Learn strategies for margin and perpetual contract trading, understand tokenomics, and discover how community engagement shapes the platform.
Exclusive 🌟

Unlocks Analysis : $OP Price Action, Performance and 2025 Projections

Explore how a 130% supply unlock impacted Optimism's $OP price and chain health. Get insights on potential 2025 price based on market trends.
Exclusive 🌟

Incentive Strategies: How Crypto Projects Attract Users Amidst Plummeting VC Funding

Explore how leading crypto projects use incentive strategies like airdrops and staking to attract and retain users amid dwindling VC funding.
Exclusive 🌟

Arbitrum : Analysis, Projections, and its future in the Layer 2 landscape

Explore Arbitrum's market position ahead of token unlocks and the 2024 Bitcoin halving. Assess metrics, user adoption, and potential in the Layer 2 landscape.

Hedera : Crafting a Decentralized Harmonized Future

Hedera Hashgraph's visionary journey: consensus, treasury, $HBAR distribution, regulations, blockchain-fiat fusion—shaping decentralized harmony
Exclusive 🌟

Unlocks Activity in September 2023

Our fourth version of the Monthly Unlocks Report! Understanding the key unlocks and upcoming events for September 2023
Exclusive 🌟

Notable Unlocks: $LDO The final cliff unlock is approaching, and the future of Ethereum staking

Curious about Lido's $LDO final cliff unlock and its impact on Ethereum staking? Check out our analysis for the breakdown, earnings, and implications of this anticipated crypto event.
Exclusive 🌟

Notable Unlocks: $AVAX ~$100m

Dive into our Unlocks Analytics Digest to explore the implications of $AVAX's 9.54M token unlocks in August 2023
Exclusive 🌟

The Stablecoin Wars : $crvUSD and $GHO

Discover the future of crypto-backed stablecoins with the $crvUSD and $GHO market overviews and user adoption.

Understand the impact of Unlocks and Claims

Not every unlock and claim affects the price. Understanding how it works will provide you with insights into price impacts and valuable insights.
Exclusive 🌟

Notable Unlocks: 322M $SAND 2023 Unlocks, the last investors unlock.

Dive into the final investors unlock of $SAND, an event set to redefine tokenomics with on-chain tracking
Exclusive 🌟

Unlocks Activity in August 2023

Dive into our August Unlocks report! Understand key events and upcoming token unlocks and emissions.
Exclusive 🌟

The Interoperability War

$ATOM and $DOT are pioneering initiatives that aim to facilitate secure communication and interaction among different blockchains. Who will win?

The Interoperability War: $DOT Polkadot

Polkadot, a groundbreaking blockchain initiative, aims to address the major problem of interoperability within the blockchain community.

The Interoperability War: $ATOM The Cosmos

Cosmos aims to be the solution to the interoperability of blockchains by facilitating seamless communication and interaction.
Exclusive 🌟

LSDFi: The Evolution of Liquid Staking and the Potential

The new wave of liquid staking derivatives Mechanism, use case, potential, and comparison Which protocol suits you?

TokenUnlocks V.1: A New Chapter in Tokenomics Dashboard.

TokenUnlocks V.1's New UI and New features to elevate your tokenomics analysis experience by making it easy to use, accurate, and insightful.
Exclusive 🌟

Unlocks Activity in July 2023

Dive into our July Unlocks report! Understand key events and upcoming token unlocks and emission

OKX Exchange : $OKB Will it be the next $BNB?

Explore the OKX exchange and its native token $OKB. Understand their advanced trading capabilities, tokenomics, and growth potential.
Exclusive 🌟

NFT Marketplace Wars: Clash of Three Kingdoms

Battle of NFT marketplaces: Blur, LooksRare, and X2Y2. Explore their features and value propositions. Who will reign supreme?
Exclusive 🌟

SEC Lawsuit Impact on Major Tokens After Prosecution

Analyzing SEC Lawsuit's Impact on Major Tokens Post-Prosecution

Mask Network: The new way to interact Web2 with Web3 experience

Mask Network is a web2-web3 integration solution that lets Twitter users use Web3's encryption, decentralized tokens, and NFT verification.
Exclusive 🌟

Notable Unlocks: $BLUR 40% circ. supply increase, The one and only cliff. is it priced in?

$BLUR unlocks with a 40% circ. supply increase, the one and only cliff for investors and the team. Does it already price in?, let's find out

Weekly Unlocks 12-18 JUN 2023

This week's token unlocks are over $319.67 million

Solana : The DeFi demise, What went wrong?

Explore Solana's positive metrics, daily active users, and transactions. Will the upcoming bull run restore momentum?
Exclusive 🌟

Near : The future is $NEAR or $NEAR (is) dead

Amidst the bear market and the rise of Layer 2, what has Near done to survive, and will it thrive in the upcoming bull run ?

FLOW : Unraveling its Potential, Prospects and Resilience

Flow Blockchain developed by Dapper Labs. They offer a scalable solution for dApps and digital assets focusing on gaming, DeFi, NFTs, and more. Let's explore the insight of this rising star.
Exclusive 🌟

Notable Unlocks : $1INCH the final $100M June 2023

$1INCH unlocks in June 2023 will be the last major cliff unlocks. Check out Unlocks Insights now!

Fantom: Exploring the High-Speed Scalable Blockchain

Fantom: the predecessor who designed to solve Ethereum's critical issues of scalability, speed, and high transaction costs.

Cartesi : The Blockchain OS

Cartesi is pioneering the concept of a blockchain OS, providing developers with a groundbreaking platform to build dApp while maintaining the security
Exclusive 🌟

Notable Unlocks : $OP ~$600M May 2023

Discover the significant impact of the upcoming $OP unlocks on May 31st, unlocking more than 1.3x of the circulating supply, and explore the potential effects on market sentiment.

Weekly Unlocks 29 MAY- 4 JUN 2023

This week's token unlocks are over 591.8 million

SPACE ID: One-stop Domain & ID Platform

The centralized hub for web3 domain management, registration, and trading. Discover how it redefines digital identities in the decentralized world.
Exclusive 🌟

Unlocks Activity in June 2023

Dive into our first Monthly Unlocks report! Understand key events and upcoming token unlocks for June 2023

Avalanche: A Resilient Top 10 Blockchain Amid Market Challenges

Avalanche's blockchain, tokenomics, and key metrics that have propelled its resilience in a bear market. Big unlocks approaching!
Exclusive 🌟

Balancer: A Highly Innovative DEX with Untapped Potential

Exploring Balancer's unique features, tokenomics, and its potential to surpass other leading DEXs in the market
Exclusive 🌟

Polkadot: A Vision for Interoperable Blockchains

Discover Polkadot: A game-changing blockchain platform revolutionizing interoperability

Open Campus : The Revolutionizing Education Protocol

Open Campus Protocol, a decentralized solution revolutionizing education. Built on blockchain, it empowers educators, content creators, and students for a fair and accessible learning experience.

Weekly Unlocks 22-28 MAY 2023

This week's token unlocks are over $321.9 million

TokenUnlocks PRO - 🔓 Soon 👀

Join TokenUnlocks user interview for free access to PRO, limited seats only!.
Exclusive 🌟

Aptos and Sui: An In-depth Comparison of Emerging L1 Projects

Aptos vs Sui: A deep dive into emerging L1 projects transforming the blockchain landscape
Exclusive 🌟

L2 Optimistic Rollups Wars OPTIMISM VS ARBITRUM

OPTIMISM vs ARBITRUM: Delve into the future of L2 optimistic rollups in Ethereum's ecosystem
Exclusive 🌟

Notable Unlocks: $APE May 2023

What's the $52M APE "May Unlocks" look like? Let's deep-dive into the numbers.

Sui Network : A High-Speed and Scalable Platform

Exploring Sui's Key Features, Tokenomics, and Potential in the Blockchain Space

GMX: A Decentralized Exchange with Innovative Features and Tokenomics

Dive into GMX: A revolutionary decentralized exchange offering high-leverage trading

Radiant Capital: The Omni-Chain Money Market Shining Bright in DeFi

Radiant Capital: Revolutionizing DeFi with cross-chain borrowing. Unite, streamline, shine!

Osmosis: The Leading DEX in the Cosmos Ecosystem

Explore Osmosis: The ultimate DEX in the Cosmos Network unlocking cross-chain trading

OSMO 2.0 : Upcoming Tokenomics Upgrade for Osmosis

A synopsis of the three proposals for closing the gap on OSMO tokenomics issues and improving OSMO tokenomics

Is a $LUNA Comeback Possible? Examining the Terra Ecosystem

$LUNA's potential comeback: Delve into Terra's innovation and growth. Rise again?

The Evolution of $ATOM: Cosmos Continues to Expand Despite Rejected Proposal

Explore $ATOM's growth and its role in blockchain interoperability. Bullish future ahead!

Lido V2 : An Upgrade That Impacted $LDO Price

Analyzing the Staking Router and Withdrawal Features of Lido Finance's Remarkable Upgrade on LIDO V2

Sudoswap: A Game Changer for NFT and DeFi Trading?

Unleash the potential of NFTs with Sudoswap, an on-chain protocol merging DeFi and NFTs. Discover how it simplifies NFT trading and introduces a new approach to liquidity provision.

AAVE and $GHO Stable coin: Impact & Mechanics

Aave's Ecosystem, from its Core Protocols to the Emergence of the Stablecoin $GHO, and Its Potential Competition with Stablecoin Giants