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Crypto and AI: What Does This Exciting Convergence Mean for the World?

Exploring the convergence of cryptocurrencies & AI: benefits, projects, use cases. Unlocking potential of Crypto-AI.
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So Bitcoin ETF... let's talk about it

US-approved Spot Bitcoin ETFs open doors for global investment, offering regulated exposure to price swings, albeit with higher fees.

Lastest Update on ImmutableX zkEVM & $MIM Depeg Incident

Immutable X & Polygon team up for faster, cheaper, secure web3 gaming with zkEVM (early access). MIM depeg incident highlights risks & resilience in DeFi.

Understanding EIP-4844

Maximizing Layer 2 rollups on Ethereum with Proto-Danksharding (EIP-4844) to lower the cost of gas fees.

Account Abstraction in 2 Minutes

On-boarding billions of normal users into Crypto space via Account Abstraction (EIP-4337). Understanding the difference between EOA and AA.

Ethereum ETF Delayed & Why We Should Keep an eye on RWA

Fidelity's ETH Spot ETF faces delay until March. Will it follow Bitcoin's lead? Tokenization bridges RWAs to crypto, unlocking new opportunities.

Fantom Prioritizes Security & Tether's Questionable Backing

Fantom the adjustment on the minimum staking requirement for validators. Tether has enough backing, according to Cantor Fitzgerald's CEO.

Binance TH: A New Era of Regulated Crypto Exchange

Gulf Binance launches Binance TH in Thailand, the most crypto-active ASEAN country, providing a regulated platform to compete with other CEX.

Is the Berachain Solving Liquidity and Security Problem?

Berachain: Revolutionizing DeFi with innovative Proof-of-Liquidity (PoL) mechanism, Polaris Ethereum, and organic community growth.

New proposal for $ATOM to set the minimum inflation rate to 0%

Cosmos in Inflation Conundrum: Bold 0% proposal challenges tokenomics, sparking community debate. Vote ends Jan 23rd!

Bitcoin's 2024: ETFs, Halving, and the Road to Mass Adoption

SEC approves Bitcoin ETFs, aligning with April 2024 halving. Anticipated market impact and rising adoption may boost Bitcoin to new highs.