I'm a Medical Doctor, & my passion lies in educating people about ZK & Web3 Tech. My journey with crypto began in 2017, & since then, I have continuously learned & shared my knowledge with others.

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My Trick for Smarter Investment Decisions with Token Unlocks

Learn how I strategize investments with TokenUnlocks by tracking/analyzing unlocks, allocations, price effects, and considering initial floats and market trends.
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Unique $SAND Unlock: 9.19% of the Circulating Supply!

$SAND unlocks 9.19% of the circulating supply. Learn more about its price impact from past and future unlock events.

Get Ready for the Token Unlocks Annual Report 2023

Annual Report offers deep insights into crypto market growth, tokenomics, unlocking events' impact, and more. Coming soon!
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The Sei Network: A Layer 1 For Next-Gen Crypto Trading

Sei blends general-purpose blockchain with trading features, overcoming limitations for mass adoption. Upcoming V2 adds EVM compatibility.

Exploring Starknet's Technological Edge and the Dynamics of STRK Tokenomics

Starknet's game-changing zk-rollup tech, STRK token, and revolutionary Cairo language drive attention. What are its challenges and 2024 plan?