Tor Pornchai
Tor Pornchai
Background : Management / Engineering / Security. Passionate about alternative energy, aerospace, and cyberspace. Actively participating in APAC and EU based projects.

Insights from Author

MultiversX (EGLD): Redefining Blockchain

MultiversX (formerly Elrond) is revolutionizing blockchain with high-speed transactions, security, and user-friendliness.

Worldcoin: A way to a Globally Inclusive Digital Future

Worldcoin: Bridging Identity and Finance for a Digital Future. Discover 'Proof of Personhood,' privacy, and global inclusion.

Polygon 2.0 ($POL): Past, Present, and Future

Discover Polygon 2.0's architecture, POL tokenomics, and features for enhancing blockchain scalability, security, and interoperability.
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dYdX: Trading Strategies, Perpetual Contracts, and Tokenomics Insights

Unlock the full potential of dYdX with this in-depth guide. Learn strategies for margin and perpetual contract trading, understand tokenomics, and discover how community engagement shapes the platform.

Hedera : Crafting a Decentralized Harmonized Future

Hedera Hashgraph's visionary journey: consensus, treasury, $HBAR distribution, regulations, blockchain-fiat fusion—shaping decentralized harmony
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The Interoperability War

$ATOM and $DOT are pioneering initiatives that aim to facilitate secure communication and interaction among different blockchains. Who will win?

The Interoperability War: $DOT Polkadot

Polkadot, a groundbreaking blockchain initiative, aims to address the major problem of interoperability within the blockchain community.

OKX Exchange : $OKB Will it be the next $BNB?

Explore the OKX exchange and its native token $OKB. Understand their advanced trading capabilities, tokenomics, and growth potential.
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NFT Marketplace Wars: Clash of Three Kingdoms

Battle of NFT marketplaces: Blur, LooksRare, and X2Y2. Explore their features and value propositions. Who will reign supreme?

FLOW : Unraveling its Potential, Prospects and Resilience

Flow Blockchain developed by Dapper Labs. They offer a scalable solution for dApps and digital assets focusing on gaming, DeFi, NFTs, and more. Let's explore the insight of this rising star.

Fantom: Exploring the High-Speed Scalable Blockchain

Fantom: the predecessor who designed to solve Ethereum's critical issues of scalability, speed, and high transaction costs.

SPACE ID: One-stop Domain & ID Platform

The centralized hub for web3 domain management, registration, and trading. Discover how it redefines digital identities in the decentralized world.
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Polkadot: A Vision for Interoperable Blockchains

Discover Polkadot: A game-changing blockchain platform revolutionizing interoperability

Open Campus : The Revolutionizing Education Protocol

Open Campus Protocol, a decentralized solution revolutionizing education. Built on blockchain, it empowers educators, content creators, and students for a fair and accessible learning experience.
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Aptos and Sui: An In-depth Comparison of Emerging L1 Projects

Aptos vs Sui: A deep dive into emerging L1 projects transforming the blockchain landscape

Sui Network : A High-Speed and Scalable Platform

Exploring Sui's Key Features, Tokenomics, and Potential in the Blockchain Space

GMX: A Decentralized Exchange with Innovative Features and Tokenomics

Dive into GMX: A revolutionary decentralized exchange offering high-leverage trading

Radiant Capital: The Omni-Chain Money Market Shining Bright in DeFi

Radiant Capital: Revolutionizing DeFi with cross-chain borrowing. Unite, streamline, shine!

Sudoswap: A Game Changer for NFT and DeFi Trading?

Unleash the potential of NFTs with Sudoswap, an on-chain protocol merging DeFi and NFTs. Discover how it simplifies NFT trading and introduces a new approach to liquidity provision.

AAVE and $GHO Stable coin: Impact & Mechanics

Aave's Ecosystem, from its Core Protocols to the Emergence of the Stablecoin $GHO, and Its Potential Competition with Stablecoin Giants