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Meet UnlocksAI - Your On-Demand Assistant at TokenUnlocks

We proudly introduce UnlocksAI, the game-changing generative AI tool that will take your tokenomics research to a whole new level.
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Notable Unlocks: 322M $SAND 2023 Unlocks, the last investors unlock.

Dive into the final investors unlock of $SAND, an event set to redefine tokenomics with on-chain tracking
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Notable Unlocks: $BLUR 40% circ. supply increase, The one and only cliff. is it priced in?

$BLUR unlocks with a 40% circ. supply increase, the one and only cliff for investors and the team. Does it already price in?, let's find out
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Notable Unlocks : $1INCH the final $100M June 2023

$1INCH unlocks in June 2023 will be the last major cliff unlocks. Check out Unlocks Insights now!

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Notable Unlocks: $APE May 2023

What's the $52M APE "May Unlocks" look like? Let's deep-dive into the numbers.