TBD Locked : Event-based unlocks

TBD Locked : Event-based unlocks
Since vesting schedule has no standard way across the industry.

We, TokenUnlocks has been trying to deliver the industry leading visualization and democratize this kind of data. Meanwhile there’s some allocation/unlock mechanic that is awaits for DAO Governance votings, Team decisions, or the mechanic that is not decided on ‘time based’ but ‘event based’. Previously, we cannot visualize these kind of unlocks in our chart. But now we have invented a solution for this problem.

To Be Determined allocation(TBD) refers to the amount of tokens that have not yet been assigned a release timing. These tokens are usually set aside for specific purposes and are released when certain conditions are met, such as Governance votings or team decisions.

We represent this kind of supply in a ‘striped chart’ as picture below.

Screenshot 2566-11-02 at 17.42.21.png

The ‘Total Unlock Progress’ shows the overall picture of the Unlock progress. In this case Arbitrum has 6.47B $ARB locked with 'time-based' criteria and 3.53B $ARB locked with ‘event based’ criteria which will be decided later on. This is the amount of token that remains undefined in terms of release timing, are typically reserved for specific purposes and are released when specific conditions are met.

On the Allocation component, we also breakdown that which allocation has a TBD supply(allocated to specific stakeholders but not determined the timeline yet).

Screenshot 2566-11-02 at 17.42.52.png

You can also see the proportion of TBD supply in the chart with the total amount and the total amount that is not included in TBD supply.

Screenshot 2566-11-02 at 17.48.51.png

What happens if these allocations have moved?

DAO voting is passed?

We keep track of these allocations on a quarterly basis and update them in the history log above the chart. You can see the details with proofs in this component.

Screenshot 2566-11-02 at 17.46.08.png
Screenshot 2566-11-02 at 17.44.41.png

We hope this feature helps our users to have more coverage on tokenomics and unlocks research. We are also open to any feedback regarding this feature or any feature on our site. Please do not hesitate to contact us via any channel that suits you!

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