Analysis on $APE Price After Cliff Unlocks

Analysis on $APE Price After Cliff Unlocks

Over half of $APE tokens unlocked with 20+ cliff unlocks since 2022.

$APE max supply: 1 billion, 60% unlocked, circulating supply: 612 million, current price: $2.44, market cap: ~$1.5 billion.

$APE outperformed $ETH during the May 2022 market crash but recently began to underperform.

Price analysis around unlocks shows generally positive movements.

Over half of the $APE tokens have been unlocked at present, with over 20 cliff unlocks occurring since the launch of $APE in 2022, just two years ago. This analysis will illustrate the price behavior observed at each cliff unlock event.

Basic Token Metrics

The $APE token has a maximum supply of one billion tokens, and over 60% of this maximum supply has already been unlocked. With a circulating supply of 612 million tokens and a current trading price of $2.44, the market capitalization is approaching $1.5 billion.

The chart below demonstrates the correlation between the prices of $APE and $ETH. Interestingly, during the market crash in May 2022 (with Bitcoin plummeting from $40,000 to $30,000, a 25% decrease), the price of $APE outperformed $ETH. The $APE/$ETH price ratio dropped to 0.023, remaining the same as before the market crash.