Unique $SAND Unlock: 9.19% of the Circulating Supply!

Unique $SAND Unlock: 9.19% of the Circulating Supply!

Sandbox Overview: Blockchain platform for creating and monetizing virtual gaming experiences with $SAND as its currency.

Key Features: Ownable virtual LAND, Game Maker tool, NFT Marketplace.

$SAND Utility: Used for transactions, governance, staking, fees, with a 3 billion token cap.

Upcoming Unlock: 205.59 million $SAND (9.19% of supply) for team and reserves on February 14, 2024.

Price Impact: Historical unlocks show mixed market reactions; upcoming unlock could influence $SAND's price and liquidity.

Scheduled for 14th February 2024, the Sandbox Metaverse intends to release 205.59 million $SAND tokens into circulation, augmenting the circulating supply by 9.19%. This distribution, earmarked for the core team, advisors, and company reserves, is part of the project's structured token distribution plan.

So let's analyse the upcoming unlocks using the data from the previous unlocks to gauge the impact of unlocks on liquidity and market dynamics and the potential effects on the $SAND token's valuation.

In this article we will cover:

  • Overview of Sandbox and SAND Token
  • $SAND Token Utility
  • Overview of SAND Token Price
    • Vesting & Allocation
    • Upcoming Unlocks
    • Unlocks analysis
    • The Removal of BTC Price Interference on SAND Price
  • Onchain Data