Final Call for "THE" $ARB Unlock

Pop Pakkawat
Pop Pakkawat
Final Call for "THE" $ARB Unlock

ARB Overview: Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution to enhance the speed and efficiency of smart contracts and DApps while maintaining security and decentralization.

Key Features: Optimistic Rollup technology, near-instant transactions, low cost transaction fees, off-chain data submitting a summary to the Ethereum mainnet.

$ARB Utility: Used for transactions, governance, staking, fees, with a 10 billion token cap.

Upcoming Unlock: 1.11 billion $ARB (76.62% of Circulating supply) for teams and investors on March 16, 2024.

Price Impact: Historical unlocks show mixed market reactions, both pump and dump; upcoming unlock could influence huge $ARB's price change and liquidity.

"The" Unlock

Scheduled on 16th March 2024, The release of additional $ARB tokens into circulation is a pivotal event that almost doubles the circulating supply. This allocation, designated for the core team, advisors, investors, and Arbitrum DAO treasury, is part of the project's structured token distribution plan. 

Such unlocks are essential for understanding the dynamics of liquidity and market response.

In this article we will cover:

  • Overview of Arbitrum and $ARB Token
  • Overview of $ARB Token Price
  • Vesting & Allocation
  • Upcoming Unlocks
  • Analysis of $ARB unlock coinciding with $BTC halving event
  • Onchain Data